Saturday, 30 May 2009

Green Flash

Lovely weather lately, and I was down on the side of the Avon Gorge watching the sun set and hoping to see the Green Flash, which I didn't, just as I haven't seen it on any other sunset I've ever watched. And I've watched a fair few sunsets in my time. And seen all sorts of odd things, including a sea monster. And a White Tornado. But not a Green Flash.

I live in hope though.

A creepy bloke in leisure clothes approached me and wanted my advice about cameras. After a while I realised he wasn't really interested. In cameras anyway. Next time this sort of thing happens I shall say "Oh I don't know anything, I just press the button". Or ignore them. Or kick them.

Here's a swift, and the new moon.

I have cleaned my Rotrings and cleared a bit of space on my desk and have started to take the next book seriously. And not before time. Here's the provisional cover design. The viewpoint here is from pretty much the same place as the sunset shot.