Sunday, 26 April 2009


I'm grounding myself again after a couple of weeks in space. Some sort of space anyway.

We had our first camping expedition of the year, over in Pembrokeshire, and wandered around the Preseli Hills and joined the migrant warblers saying hello to spring. And swam (very briefly) in a Bloody Cold sea. It was very good, very therapeutic.

And then I had a job interview. It looks like a really good job, involving surveying wildlife, making maps, and stuff; I saw the advertisement for the job and thought "That job's got my name on it."

I took along a couple of my books to show them what I could do, and they made polite noises. I think they liked them.

The only thing was, one of the questions they asked me was about equal opportunities, and I sort of dried up and couldn't think of anything intelligent to say.

So all the way home, and for days after, I was worrying over it and thinking of great answers I could have given and didn't. Like the very simple "Equal opportunities is about being nice to people and jumping on anyone who isn't nice to people." Which may be simplisitic, but goes some way to covering the points arising.

O well, alea iacta est. Now I wait.

And get on with spreading the word about the book readings which are now just over a week away, and for which I appear to be i/c propaganda. Crikey.