Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Perpetual Playground

Perpetual Playground, originally uploaded by Dru Marland.

The proof copy of Joe Solomon's book Perpetual Playground arrived yesterday. Well, John Terry, who edited it and has been prime mover in its publication, brought it round. So I got to see the cover I designed. Seems OK; a few minor glitches to sort out...

It's published by Pouncecat Press, and should be available from the Bristol Books and Publishers website in the fullness of time. It's already listed on Amazon. Meanwhile, you can read samples of it here, thanks to Smashwords.

Here's the blurb...

Flying, as ever, in the face of convention Joe Solomon focuses on Martin, a most unlikely (and likeable) hero who, even as a schoolboy, is conscious of a strange pleasure when he’s bested by younger boys.

Martin gets no help from his strict parents as he struggles with his feelings. He seeks therapy and is delighted when at last he finds a girl friend, Penny, who works in the same office.

Her brother, Malcolm, is a friendly and intelligent schoolboy. Martin tells himself that he’s attained a healthy, normal way for an adult to relate to a child.

But his feelings about this child are more complex than he thinks, and he disastrously fails to recognise the danger signs.

If there was ever a contest to find the Nicest Bloke In Bristol, they'd have to disqualify Joe Solomon before anyone else would bother entering. Poet, stand-up comedian, ex-communist, animal rights and anti-racist activist, anti-death penalty campaigner...”

(Bristol and Bath’s Venue Magazine, 1998 Honours List)


  1. Wishing you & the author every success, I rather liked the 'blurb' sounds like my type of book.

  2. Another book! Hope it sells well.

  3. Thank you, AHV. I'll pass on the good wishes; John Terry will be cheered; the long process of getting this to print has been hard work for him...
    Here's hoping, Anji!